Installing Drupal in its Own Sub-directory

In an effort to tidy up file sys­tems of some of my pro­jects run­ning Drupal CMS I had to put in a few hours of research, but I finally man­aged moving/installing Drupal in its own sub-directory (your-hosting-root/ The related inform­a­tion was hard to loc­ate and inter­pret, hence this page.

The fol­low­ing instruc­tions are per­tin­ent to Drupal ver­sions 6 and 7 run­ning on shared Linux host­ing. This method requires Apache mod_rewrite to over­ride global server set­tings via .htaccess file. I have very curs­ory grasp of mod_rewrite syn­tax, so this may not be the best (eleg­ant, secure) method, and it may not work for every­one, but it worked for me (sub-directory masked, clean URIs). Com­ments and improve­ments are always wel­come, of course.

First Motorcycle Run

Bridge over Middle fork Boise River

Last Sat­urday I man­aged to go onto my first more or less ser­i­ous motor­cycle adven­ture. Although I have been act­ively rid­ing for sev­eral months already, wheel­ing in more than two and a half thou­sand kilo­metres, and feel­ing quite con­fid­ent within city lim­its, the trip turned out to be not too simple, yet, in whole, impres­sions were most pos­it­ive. It was not much of a jour­ney, but price­less exper­i­ence was acquired, which is to be shared with other begin­ner motorcyclists.

See pho­toal­bum.

Bug in Piwik Analytics plug-in for WordPress

I’ve been using Piwik ana­lyt­ics soft­ware installed on my server for quite some time, but for couple of months it didn’t record stat­ist­ics for my Word­Press sites, even though I had latest ver­sion of WP (2.9.2), Piwik (0.5.5), and Piwik Ana­lyt­ics plug-in (1.0.1), and, at the same time, it records data fine for my Drupal site.

Finally, Linux Worked on Dell Inspiron 2600

I haven’t used my fairly old Dell Inspiron 2600, which I bought in the sum­mer of 2002, for quite some time, and had been think­ing to give it to my mother, but first I wanted to install and setup Linux, so that I wouldn’t have to fix some­thing in the sys­tem all the time, and deal with vir­uses, tro­jans, poorly installed pro­gramms etc. How­ever, whilst I’ve attemp­ted to install pen­guinista OS sev­eral times over past couple of years (tried Ubuntu/Xubuntu, SUSE and Fedora), I’d con­stantly reached a dead­lock, because X-server in no way wanted to coöper­ate with on-board Intel graph­ics pro­cessor (notori­ous for that).

I Can Ride My Bike with No Handlebars

It’s funny how some things in life come to some people, but never come to oth­ers, or come when it is least expec­ted. I never was able to ride a bicycle without handle­bars, nor had I ever really set myself upon achiev­ing that fant­astic skill. Yet, some­wise, after I had lived on this Earth more than quarter of a cen­tury, on my way from prac­tice today I abso­lutely auto­mat­ic­ally did none other, but start rid­ing my bike with no handle­bars. And did with such an ease as if I was doing it for ages.

Atonement (the film, 2007)

Last night, for the first time in a while I got out to the movies. Lady dragged me out to see “Atone­ment” (UK/France; 2007; dir­ector: Joe Wright; cast: Keira Knightly, James McA­voy; based on the novel of the same name by Ian McE­wan) — purely Eng­lish film. So much so as par­od­ied by Eddie Izzard, Eng­lish comedian.

I can only speak of my par­tic­u­larly per­sonal impres­sions of the pic­ture, for I am no movie buff, I can­not author­it­at­ively dis­course upon the act­ors’ play, or talk about remin­is­cences evoked by cam­era operator’s work. In that regard it’s bet­ter to seek out more crit­ical reviews on, say, iMDB, writ­ten by seem­ingly com­pet­ent authors.

OK, go!

Finally got around to set up the Eng­lish ver­sion of my blog. It shan’t be exact copy of the Rus­sian ver­sion, but most of my posts would be repub­lished here. Moreover, I’ll trans­late not­able back­dated posts.

In the year since I set up Word­Press on my site, some pos­it­ive devel­op­ment occured both in the core soft­ware and plug-ins. Firstly, WP now (com­par­ing ver­sions 2.1 I had then and 2.3.2) prop­erly sup­ports UTF encod­ing — data­base dir­ect­ive “SET NAMES” now included in wp-db.php file. Also, in wp-config.php there is now a way to set up encod­ing and col­la­tion for DB. That and the fact that my hoster star­ted to offer 5th ver­sion of MySQL made install­a­tion a breeze.

La sangre no llega al río

Today, after some­what tense match, colleague-referee, Basque by nation­al­ity, sum­mar­ized: “As they say in Spain, blood did not reach the river.” (la san­gre no llega al río). That is, there was a fight (and blood was spilled), but, by and large, ser­i­ous destruc­tion was avoided (its streams didn’t imbrue river’s waters with crim­son). Very such image-bearing, fine expression.

Pro­verb, as it turned out, is rather com­monly used, but of lit­er­ary ori­gin. I bur­rowed in the Net and have found that this phrase most likely belongs to the pen of Fed­erico Gar­cía Lorca. How­ever, I couldn’t find dir­ect ref­er­ence to the source, so, if sud­denly the expert on Spanish-language lit­er­at­ure should hap­pen to crawl by, it would be inter­est­ing to learn whence feet grow.


Last few days I had to tinker with the site quite a bit. Troubles, cer­tainly, were some­what wel­come. First, I finally registered and moved to the proper domain ( Secondly, fine-tuned the lib­rary. Thirdly, screwed CMS to the site.

For quite a while Tex­t­pat­tern has caught my fancy, how­ever, due to host­ing lim­it­a­tions I didn’t man­age to install it in one set­ting. Ere I went into search and query, I decided to give Word­Press a shot, as my friend recommended.

Install­a­tion and adjust­ment took even less time than Word­Press’ “Fam­ous 5-Minute Install”, everything star­ted to work straight away and without par­tic­u­lar trouble, aside from hindrances of the host­ing itself. Com­par­ing func­tion­al­ity “out of the box”, both sys­tems are quite sim­ilar, how­ever Word­Press seems some­what cum­brous and tem­plate edit­ing looks more difficult.